Arctic Tern

by Yukka

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"The piece was written mostly on the underground during my 4 hour round trip to work, sometimes falling asleep with my headphones on as a idea plays round on loop. I wanted to capture the monotonous repetition of travelling but also the small glimpses of the simple pleasures such as morning sunrises, or just simple getting home and having dinner! I wanted to explore the process of resampling, taking an idea from one section to form the basis for another, so a lot of the audio is recycled throughout the piece.

The track is named after the bird with the longest migration known in the animal kingdom, the Arctic Tern, with an average annual roundtrip lengths of about 44,100 miles -
So not quite walthamstow to Uxbridge!

The artwork is by South London artist Lee Mundy. Cut and paste shapes representing different sections of the track, put together by hand during a 7 hour studio session in Bermondsey as I was mixing the track."


released July 10, 2018


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