Get Out Of The Way

by Darren Hayman



"In 2017 I was asked to provide some music to accompany an exhibition by Finn Thomson. Finn was working as artist in residence in Harlow and was looking at public sculpture and how it was read and used by the Harlow community. That isn't to say, what people thought of it but also how people decorated, stole and climbed all over it as well.

The connection between us was made via my own earlier conceptual album about Harlow, 'Pram Town'.

I decided to make music based on found sounds and the actual incidental music the town provides as you walk around it.

The tempo and pitch of the whole piece is dictated by a lone beep that emanated out of a closed branch of British Home Stores but you will also here church bells, buskers, muzak from shops, roundabouts, announcements in council offices and the sound of the sculptures themselves. The only musical instruments used are bass guitar, wurlitzer piano and saxophone.

The bold idea of the piece is to perhaps place you in Harlow with me but also to have people think about the unintentional rhythms and sounds that constantly surround us.'


released July 9, 2018


all rights reserved


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